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Erosion Control

When it comes to erosion control, blower trucks offer a number of services that will reduce the maintenance cost and labor associated with keeping your site in compliance. With Compost berms and silt sock as alternatives to check dams and traditional fabric silt fence, installation time is reduced, and the solutions are more durable and effective in reducing the need for replacement on long term sites. Our solutions only add organic material to your site and greatly reduce the labor and cost for removal and disposal after job completion, reducing your overall project costs. See below for more detailed description of services.

Compost Blankets

A 2″ Class 1 compost blanket provides the same 10 year flood rating against particle separation as a traditional erosion control blanket. All, while adding 6 Cubic Yards of amendment per 1000 Sq.ft to better your soil profile and provide superior conditions for long term establishment and vigor.

Silt berm

Both as a perimeter control method and to slow the flow of any fast moving water on your site, compost berms use a composted mulch blend to filter storm water creating clean particle free discharge. When the project is complete the berms can be evenly blended into the soil prior to final stabilization.

Silt Sock

In many markets the industry has done away with outdated fabric silt fence, and moved to a composted mulch silt sock. Available in 12″, 18″, 24″ and 32″ silt sock is a more effective means of perimeter control. With silt sock being blown on-site to the contours that exist we can reduce the need for trenching to increase ground contact and provide a solution that is bio degradable and makes for a very easy and waste free removal when it comes time for permanent stabilization.


An incredible alternative to hydro-seeding and made possible only by our incredible blower trucks, with only a person and a 500′ hose we can apply a class 1 compost blanket with seed injected via our computerized injection system. This kills 2 birds with 1 stone, both improving your soil profile and providing the perfect conditions for superior germination. For years the re-vegetation industry has been trying to figure out how to get the benefits of organic compost into their slurry, we offer the opportunity to install fresh recently composted material teaming with microbes and nutrients only available in locally created products that have not been bagged and on a shelf in a warehouse. With the water retention properties of compost even non irrigated areas will produce better germination rates then hydro-seeding.