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Express Mulching & Soil

Express Mulching & Soil offers blower truck and slinger truck service in both Colorado and Louisiana. Express started in 2020 and is managed by two passionate and experienced blower truck industry professionals, in Nick Holladay (President and Founder) and Macy Gibson (General Manager and Partner). Our goal is to be your choice in the material placement industry and we practice that everyday by offering professional well trained crews and world class customer service. We want every customer to be our next referral.

THE STORY BEHIND THE Express Mulching & Soil


Express Mulching & Soil was born out of passion. After 5 years in the commercial landscape arena in Colorado, I was shocked when I found out about blower trucks. For me it clicked within a split second; “Mulch through a hose that applies evenly and level on the ground without the use of skid steers and wheel barrows?” My excitement only doubled when I learned of the soil and compost abilities and the fact that the trucks had computerized seed injection systems for native and turf revegetation. I was stunned and this only added to my decision that I must be involved with these great machines. I did some market research and learned that we would be the only entrant with presence in the Denver Market, this sealed the deal and in May of 2015 I became a minority partner in a blower truck company called Bedder Spreaders. After 5 years of proving that the ideas were as progressive as I imagined and due to some unfortunate events which led to the closing of Bedder Spreaders, my partner, Macy Gibson, and myself set forth on our journey of opening up our own blower truck company and in June of 2020, Express Mulching & Soil was born. With a strong group of supporting customers who valued the use of our services, we stepped back into the position of being the only blower truck company in Denver and are so excited to be able to provide a great service to customers in Colorado & additionally Louisiana!

-Nick Holladay, President & Founder

Our Mission

Express Mulching is built on an unrelenting commitment to train, grow and retain the best staff in the blower truck industry so our customers can realize the full benefits of the incredible equipment we run, further we aim to be your choice because of the quality, professionalism and smiles that we bring to the jobsite everyday.