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Express Mulching & Soil is a
Colorado High-Speed Material Placement Company.


Mulch and Bark

We provide an even application of all mulches ground 4″ or smaller. with our 400′ hose we can reach even the most difficult sloped areas for a clean consistent and easy install. detail and clean up is included as part of our complete service.

Playground Surfacing

Our blower trucks offer, hands down the best solution to install IPEMA certified playground chips in your play areas. with 400′ of hose and install rates to 70 Cubic yards an hour the days of skid steers pushing the material into the playgrounds is over. All material installed is certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association for impact and in some cases ADA accessibility compliance. We have Certified Playground Safety Inspectors on staff to ensure we provide the best and safest service possible.

Soil & Compost

Whether your need is soil amendment for large scale new development, raised planter beds, a top-dress and overseed of a large turf area, or a complete re-vegetation of a disturbed area. Express Mulching & Soil has you covered. With computerized seed injection systems on all of our equipment we provide a superior solution to apply organic material evenly over a large area with no site impact. (See Terraseeding for more detail)


Terraseeding is a method of applying Class 1 compost blankets and seed to either re-vegetate a disturbed area, or rejuvenate native or turf grass areas that are thin and anemic. A superior alternative to Hydro-seeding, our method provides a whole compost that is teaming with nutrients beneficial microbes that improve existing soil quality and make previously unavailable nutrients, available for photosynthesis. this results in better germination rates and better long term establishment and vigor of existing vegetation.

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Mulch Calculator

Estimate how much mulch is required for a given area at a specified depth. Also, based upon your inputs, see a practical visual representation of the area covered.