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Terraseeding Capabilities

Terraseeding is a unique and innovative form of seeding for large areas by using a Class 1 composted soil, injecting it with seed, and then applying it to the area by use of a Blower Truck.

Here are 7 reasons why Terraseeding is the way to go:

#1: Erosion Control

Terraseeding is a simple and effective solution for erosion control on new land developments, pond slopes, channels, parks, and along roadways. With no site impact, we effectively seed areas for better long-term erosion control.

#2: Efficiency

Blower Trucks have computerized units that make the application of the seed and soil extremely efficient. In a single workday, we can seed approximately 1 acre with growth beginning within 7 days of application!

#3: Cost-Effective

Significantly less than other traditional manual methods of seeding, and certainly less than sodding. For extremely large areas, it is difficult to beat the combination of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

#4: Top Dressing Existing Turf/Native

We can apply this process right on to existing thin, anemic turf to add the much-needed nutrients and microbes directly into the soil with a top dressing of seed mixed right in.

#5: Seed Protection and Moisture Control

Terraseeding is especially unique in that it protects the seeds from harsh suns, heavy winds, and wildlife. This offers a greater chance of germination and improves the overall coverage area compared to traditional methods. By mixing a Class 1 composted soil and seed together before application, we not only provide better seed protection but more control over the moisture levels of the soil. Terraseeding gives the seed the best chance of germinating and growing into healthy plants while boosting the soil profile.

#7: Reach Less Accessible Areas

Blower Trucks can access hard to reach areas that would be otherwise be damaged by equipment and wheelbarrows.

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